Profile For Nicole Rifkin

Some excellent work by Nicole Rifkin up on the site!


You can get some pretty nice giclee prints from these guys, and all the work on their site is pretty phenomenal! 

Profile For Nicole Rifkin

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$10 International shipping at my INPRNT shop until Sunday evening!


Guys, INPRNT is offering $10 international shipping all weekend! I know that the price of international shipping is steep under normal circumstances, so go take advantage of that!!

$10 International shipping at my INPRNT shop until Sunday evening!

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Buy my prints at Inprnt!


Hi guys! I was given the opportunity to put up prints for purchase at, and I’m quite excited about this! Inprnt has been helping artists distribute their work all over the world as beautiful giclee prints for the past 8 years, and numerous talented artists have their work available at If you’re interested in purchasing a print, go check it out!

Buy my prints at Inprnt!

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How Are You I’m Fine Thanks: SHOP NEWS


Guys! I have launched a new shop on INPRNT!


In recent months, running my BigCartel shop has just become too overwhelming. And you guys paid the price by waiting sometimes a month or more to get your prints! INPRNT will offer bigger, better quality prints, and faster, without much of a…

How Are You I’m Fine Thanks: SHOP NEWS

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A bunch of new pieces are now available as prints.


John Martz: Drawn 2005-2013

The end of a great site, on behalf of the INPRNT team we’re sad to see you go. It’s been a great source of inspiration and an awesome outlet for artists over the years.


Drawn in 2005

Drawn in 2005.


Have you heard of these things called blogs? Blogging wasn’t new in 2005, but it was still a niche hobby for the technologically minded. I had been maintaining a personal blog, and was a regular blog reader. I saw multiple-author blogs devoted to certain subjects and…

John Martz: Drawn 2005-2013



My InPRNT Gallery/shop


Pleased to let you guys know that I now have a InPRNT gallery/shop.  The prints come in 3 sizes – (12” x 16”), (18” x 24”) and (24” x 33”) and each print features a minimum of 1” border. There are so many talented artists on there to check out.  I feel very honoured to be part of the fun.

My InPRNT Gallery/shop

Videogames print now for sale

Had the awesome opportunity of assisting with these. They are beautiful prints. Hurry before they’re gone.


Edition of 50! Never gonna be printed again! Comes with an original drawing!

Videogames print now for sale